Welcome on www.mcbeelen.net.

At the current moment this website only contains this placeholder.

History of this domain:

Since 2001 this domain has been registered to Marco Beelen.

The main reason for registering a personal domain was a change of ISP by my parents.
This caused my emailaddress to become inusable for me.
Due to this I had to arrange to two things:

  1. Get access to a new emailaccount.
  2. Get all my family, friends, collegues and other contacts to update their addressbook.

The first thing is something I could do myself, but the other thing placed a burden on a lot of people.
Not a great burder, but nevertheless some burder.

I don't like to become a burden to other people, so I then decided to take the neccesary actions to prevent such an event in the future.
Being owner of a personal domain ensures me access to the same emailaddress, so I decided to register this domain and has been available to me ever since. ( Thanks to the great service of YourName Webhosting )

Maybe sometime in the future I will come up with a meaningfull purpose for this website, until then this domain is only usefull if you would want to contact me by sending an email to: marco@mcbeelen.net


With kind regards,
Marco Beelen